Diane T. Lehman

Diane has been teaching piano since she was a young girl; playing since she was 6. Being a pianist was a joy that grew into a passion and eventually, a livelihood.  As a teacher, she relates to her students as if it were her on the bench. Her goal as a teacher of piano and general music is to bring the pleasure of music study to her students through their preference for the material.  She is keenly aware of the need to start with the person on the bench – get to know them and help them discover the music they love, figure it out on the piano, and discover how music fits into their lives.

Much of her youth was spent involved with musical pursuits: a family band whose father was a conductor of swing and jazz era ensembles, singing in church choirs as a very young girl and singing solos in groups and musicals, accompanying, writing, and arranging as a teenager, playing for the High Schools musicals and cabarets she would put together and focusing on her piano skills theoretically and through performance, repertoire and competitions.
Ms. Lehman has lived on Nantucket since 1982, arriving as a pianist/singer to work at the various clubs on the island. Since then, she has taught with the NCMC (1983-1993). taught in her own studio Piano Studio Nantucket (1993-2020) and performed in all the island clubs as a pianist, accompanist, and singer.


She spent a decade with The Bob Lehman Trio at the Brant Point Grille, a gig she loved for the opportunity it provided her to improvise and harmonize and grow as an ensemble player.

The group (Bob Lehman, Erik Wendelken, Jeff Carlson) recorded a CD in 2012 and continues to work occasionally on the island.  Along with teaching, she currently directs Music at St. Mary’s of the Isle and for the past 20 years, has been the Pianist and music coordinator for the Nantucket Yacht Club.

Along with work in theater as a Musical Director(TWN), and at the High School and Middle School, she also served as a pianist and vocal coach. Her Cabarets have brought her together with some of the island’s best voices, all of whom continue to sing and bring music to Nantucket’s wider audience. She is currently the conductor/pianist for the NCMC Women’s Chorus. Arranging music, writing and composing, teaching and playing, conducting and accompanying, she has enjoyed the rare opportunity to make music her life.

Education is a priority for Ms. Lehman, who holds certificates at Berklee for Theory, General Music Studies, and Arranging. Adding to her time at Framingham State College where she studied Childhood Ed and Psychology, she continues to further her studies as a voice-over artist with Edge Studios in New York. She has DJ’d at WACK, (Nantucket’s true island radio)provided voice-overs for commercials, and has narrated and produced over 75 audiobooks, working tirelessly to improve on her newest endeavor in commercial Voice-over.

Diane is excited to be “Coming home” to NCMC where she started teaching so long ago. The chance to work with some of her good friends and collaborate on future musical projects has been her motivation to return. With a background in Classical, Jazz, Vocal Arrangements, and Popular music, she is thrilled to be of help to students who want to make music part of their lives, exploring the many different genres that can be played as a pianist.  It is her hope that her students will have a chance to enjoy music for the entirety of their lives, read at a level that will help them become independent, take on new challenges, and be willing to practice to get it right. Mostly, she hopes they enjoy the process of making music a passion and joy.

  • Over 35 years playing and teaching professionally on Nantucket, MA
  • Current Music Director, St Mary's of the Isle
  • 20+ years as Pianist and Music Coordinator, Nantucket Yacht Club
  • Has worked as musical director for TWN and school productions
  • Pianist/Conductor, NCMC Women's Chorus

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