Why music? 2017 Spring Appeal

Discipline. Compassion. Memory optimization. Problem solving.
The path to college-readiness at Nantucket Music Center.

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Arts organizations are invariably called upon to answer the question, “Why us?”

To me the answer is clear. Music teaches advanced skills related to social and emotional competency and overall college-readiness. Nantucket Music Center provides more than 150 students with the music training that gets them on the path to success.

It hasn’t always been easy for young people on Nantucket to access exceptional music instruction, a critical resource for personal growth and development. When I was a student at Nantucket High School, my voice teacher came and went with the seasonal economy.

Fast-forward 15 years, and the new Nantucket Music Center had grown quickly enough to accrue waiting lists for multiple instruments. It brought me right back to those days when I had to wait 6 months for my next voice lesson.


Problems present better as opportunities, and islands inspire adaptation. A waiting list and 54 students using Skype and a laptop during inclement weather provided us with incentive to develop a state-of-the-art distance-learning program designed for dynamic, interactive virtual music instruction.

Nantucket Music Center’s new Virtual Maestro distance learning program provides a uniquely effective combination of in-person and virtual learning experiences with the finest instructors and the most sophisticated technology, plus mentorship and on-site staff support.

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Kyle Spraker, Virtual Maestro & Principal Trumpet of Cape Symphony


Great performances that inspire and entertain the most discerning concertgoer, at family-friendly prices, are also part of NMC’s expansive mission to strengthen our community through excellence in the musical arts.

Upcoming NMC events include the return of the sensational indie-pop classical quartet Sons of Serendip, finalists on America’s Got Talent and 2016-2017 NMC Ensemble in Residence (June 25), as well as a spectacular weekend celebration of the genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, featuring rising stars from the San Francisco Opera (July 14-16).


Music nourishes the soul, engages the mind, and strengthens the heart of our community. Nantucket Music Center relies upon the continued support of discerning patrons like you to nurture and sustain the highest quality music education and performance opportunities for the Nantucket community.

Join us as NMC puts Nantucket at the forefront of individualized distance music education. Your tax-deductible donation makes it possible for Nantucket Music Center to continue to transform lives through music.


With gratitude and respect,

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Dr. Greta Feeney
Executive Director, Nantucket Music Center