The Recording Studio at 56 Centre

The Recording Facility at 56 Centre Street is available to the community. Classes and workshops are advertised and held periodically in the recording studio. Arrangements to record can be made by contacting the office. NCMC provides a recording engineer for all projects at a mutually arranged time. NCMC’s Recording Studio is available for educational purposes, demos, and professional recording projects. For information about the recording studio, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. Contact the office today to Book a Session

Facilities & Equipment

The facilities consist of a sound-proof recording room and an adjacent control and mixing room. The recording room is equipped with drum sets, a Yamaha upright piano, and more. The separate control room houses the audio control consoles as well as the Sibelius work station with a full range midi keyboard. With ample equipment and the experience of chief engineer, Floyd Kellogg, The Studio at 56 Centre is well suited to handle most any recording project or ensemble.

Equipment List
Toft Audio Control Console
Tannoy and JBL Powered Monitors
Shure KSM44 condenser mics
Shure KSM13 ribbon mics
Shure SM81 mics
Shure Drumkit mic DMK – 57 – 52
Headphone mix station with 8 closed back headphones
mic stands, music stands
Apple Mac Pro equipped with ProTools v10/11. Fully integrated with the Toft Console

Studio Rates and Fees

Service Price
Studio time (recording and/or mastering) $85.00 per hour

Recording Studio

Sound Engineers

Bringing years of experience and specialized acumen to your next recording project.
Diane T. Lehman

Diane T. Lehman

Voice, Piano, Women's Chorus

Floyd Kellogg

Floyd Kellogg

Sound Engineer

Audio Samples, produced in the Studio at 56 and/or, by chief engineer, Floyd Kellogg. Floyd’s compositions are available for licensure. For more information visit, or contact Floyd below.

Opera East
by Nantucket Music Center
We Can Do It
by Floyd Kellogg
Get Ready
by Floyd Kellogg

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