Playing by Ear with Jason Sullivan

April 6 - May 11, 2021. Tuesdays, 6pm - 6:45pm. $225.

Students will learn to internalize the sound of notes by learning to hear the pitch of Concert C and how it can be used to identify the other 11 pitches. The class will look at intervals, sight singing and musical dictation. Music theory will be taught with an emphasis on starting with basic pitches.

Jason Sullivan teaches guitar, and occasionally drums and bass guitar, at the NCMC. He plays many styles of music from Motown to Blues, Jazz, and Rock, and is a long-time member of Ecliff and the Swingdogs. Jason brings real-life performing skills to his teaching. As a teacher, he employs the ear training approach that he learned from studying with Boston based Jazz pianist Gil Aharon.

You do not need to play an instrument – just bring your love of music!

For more information, call the NCMC at (508) 228-3352 or email Kendall at

The NCMC is keeping a close eye on the issue of COVID-19.