Creative Keyboard for Adults with Nigel Goss

July 6 – August 10, 2021. Tuesdays, 6pm - 7pm. $300.

Have you ever wanted to sit down at the keyboard and just play!? Tired of hacking through sheet music and feeling like you’re never getting anywhere? Join Nigel Goss for a six-week creative keyboard class.

The class explores techniques to improvise music on the spot, compose, arrange songs to make them your own, and make music a relaxing, stimulating and enjoyable experience. Tap into your own musicality, learn to explore and create sounds. Lessons will be presented at varying levels so that it’s accessible for a range of abilities. Students should have some keyboard experience, be able to play some simple songs, and be familiar with the musical alphabet. Class is open to other instruments as well, but lessons will be presented on the keyboard.

Lessons include:

Inventing melodies, and “the one chord jam.“
Inventing melodies, and mixing different chords.
Left hand techniques for adding texture, depth, and variation.
Inventing Chord progressions
Creating arrangements, simple to complex.
Playing with friends! Music is way more fun when it’s less solitary.

Nigel Goss has been a full-time performer and teacher on Nantucket Island for the last decade. He currently serves as the music director for the Unitarian Universalist Church on Nantucket, teaches music at Nantucket Lighthouse School, Nantucket Community Music Center, and maintains an active performance schedule with various local artists.

For more information, call the NCMC at (508) 228-3352 or email Kendall at

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