If you are wanting to play, perform or need a sabbatical… 

We invite you to participate in NCMC’s musician artist residency program, independent study and research, or sabbatical to re-charge and re-fresh!   We provide an apartment on the 3rd floor of our music center, have a professional recording studio, instruments of course, a library and private rooms.  

The Nantucket Music Center offers this year-round and the local Nantucket community offers a diverse range of arts and cultural in the downtown area where our center is located.  The island has natural stunning visual landscapes dubbed as “the Best island in the world” by National Geographic. The sounds, rhythm, and weather offer your senses an appreciation to the historic island charm, which are essential to the total Nantucket experience.

To apply, please download and fill out our Artist’s Residence Application.  Email back to us or mail to

Sons of Serendip, NCMC Artists in Residence, 2017

The Sons of Serendip Artists Residence on Nantucket

The NCMC is keeping a close eye on the issue of COVID-19.