88 Keys Piano Restoration Fund

Since our founding in 1975, the island has generously gifted the NCMC with concert quality pianos. The numerous pianos that populate our classrooms and performance spaces are all donated by our friends, neighbors, and community, clearly demonstrating the depth and appreciation of music that helps make Nantucket such a vibrant and artistic place.

As a result of this generosity, our students can hear the fruits of their labor performed to their best effect. By keeping our instruments in top condition, the hard work and dedication of our students is combined with access to world-class instruments to create a life-long love of music for our students.

The time has come for one of our most loved pianos, our beautiful Steinway Model L, to undergo much-needed repairs in order to continue its legacy of instruction and inspiration. Built in 1967 and donated by Mrs. McKay, its warm, inviting energy has made it an inseparable part of the NCMC and an inimitable facet in the education and pure enjoyment of Nantucket’s music students.

This piano has stood the test of time through generations of island students. Since it found it’s home at the NCMC, it has become a source of joy and encouragement for all who encounter it, inspiring over 1,000 NCMC students in their piano lessons. Having given so much love over the years, our amazing Steinway is now in need of a little TLC of its own.

The NCMC is keeping a close eye on the issue of COVID-19.