Floyd Kellogg

Drums, Guitar
Recording Studio Skills Pro-Tools

After playing bass guitar and drums since he was 11 Floyd Kellogg attended and graduated The University of Connecticut with a degree in music which focused on performing.  After college he began touring with a number of different bands that landed him to live in Boston and New York City for a number of years.  The international touring bands included Spookie Daly Pride, Adios Pantalones and You Scream I Scream.  You Scream I Scream being a band Floyd fronted and wrote the original music for.  The groups all toured with or supported acts such as Presidents of the Unites States of America, Arrested Development, The Wailers, JJ Grey and Mofro, Reel Big Fish, Tom Tom Club and Goldfinger to name some.  All while performing with these groups Floyd worked with record producers and engineers were he began getting immersed in the process of recording and producing music.  It was during this time Floyd worked and/or mentored with Carl Nappa (Nelly,Pet Shop Boys), Sean Slade (Radio Head, Morphine)  Paul Koldrire (Dinosaur Jr, Mighty Mighty Bostones, Pixies) Danny Bernini (The Fray, Notorious BIG).

Floyd began recording/producing bands and artists on his own from his experience engineering performing and writing.  He also found himself all along the way scoring and putting music to TV and film with his original compositions being played on ESPN, NESN, FOX, MTV, MUCH MUSIC and even as part of the comedy theater Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC.

In 2010 Floyd partnered with musician and architect Jeff Jahnke to start Case de Warrenton, a Victorian house converted to recording studio in the west end of Hartford, CT which he still works out of producing records.

He now calls Nantucket his home where his family is based and tours with the band Violent Mae which he produces and performs as a multi-instrumentalist in.  He is very excited to already be recording and teaching in the beautiful facility NCMC has to offer!

For more information visit www.floydkellogg.com.