Teacher Profiles

NMC is proud to present talented and qualified music faculty to the year round and summer community of Nantucket.  Our faculty includes instructors who live on the island and commute to the island coming from the Cape, Boston and RI.  Most of our faculty is also available to perform for events.

Andy Bullington Ukulele Band
Suzanne Buerkle Flute
Carolyn Butler Piano, Mandolin
Jordan Delphos Violin
Barbara Elder
Damion Eliot  Piano, Saxophone
Kaeyllane Delima Musicalizando, Piano, Kinder Chorus
Dr. Greta Feeney Voice
Mollie Glazer Cello, Piano, Ukulele Band
Nigel Goss Bass, Piano, Jazz Band, Youth Stars Jazz Band
Amanda Harrington  Voice, Community Chorus
Nick Hayden Percussion
Sara Ikonic Flute
Floyd Kellogg Music Technology, Drums, Guitar
Diane T. Lehman Women’s Chorus of Nantucket
Dr. Jennifer Maxwell Piano
Maria Rinendello Parker Harp
Jessica Goodenough Sanseverino  Music Together, NMC Junior Chorus
Aidan Sherry Guitar
Kyle Spraker  Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet
Jason Sullivan Guitar, Drums