Early Childhood & Outreach Programs

Educating the heart and mind.

The study of  music has been shown to improve mental focus and cognitive functions, but perhaps even more important is that experience of music encourages compassion in the individual. At Nantucket Music Center, we believe every child should have access to music instruction, and we provide early music education opportunities to suit every family’s needs, as well as numerous free outreach programs in the public school system and at the Boys and Girls Club.

Musicalizando with Kaeyllane DeLima-
Games and fun activities accompany Brazilian songs with lyrics in Portuguese. This class is open to all children between ages 6 and 8, and may be particularly valuable for Brazilian children who are forgetting their Portuguese and speaking primarily English. Tuesdays, 3-4PM, Nantucket Boys and Girls Club FREE To register call NMC at (508) 228-3352 or email lessons@nantucketmusiccenter.org

Photo Courtesy of Susan Landmann

Bulgarian Folk Songs with Gergana Neykova- Music concepts are introduced using traditional Bulgarian songs, folklore, dancing, and costume elements. Songs are taught using fun games to encourage easy adaptation to the Bulgarian language. The class is taught in Bulgarian and English. All children ages 2-10 are welcome. Wednesdays, 3-4PM, 56 Centre Street, FREE, To register call NMC at (508) 228-3352 or email lessons@nantucketmusiccenter.org

These programs are supported in part by grants from the Community Foundation for Nantucket. 




Dalcroze Eurythmics at Nantucket Elementary School
with Kaeyllane DeLima

“Playing with Rhythms: Eurythmics to STOMP”

Description of session:

Participants will explore elements of time/rhythm (beat, duration, tempo, accent, meter, phrasing, rhythm patterns, and polyrhythms) through a variety of movement activities, including samples from Dalcroze Eurythmics and STOMP-inspired rhythm creations with equipment.

What participants will learn:

Elements of rhythm, a variety of activities for 3rd grade students to explore rhythm through movement (with and without equipment), and inspiration for integrating rhythmic activities in their physical education curricula.

This program was made possible by a gift from the Osceola Foundation.



Discovering the Symphony Orchestra: Have you ever been to the symphony and wondered what it’s like to play in the orchestra? Are curious about how to play the flute, violin, cello, and other instruments? Would you like to go to the symphony on class trip? Learn more about music and how musicians make beautiful music happen at the symphony and at home every day.

Enrichment Cluster at NES with Faculty from Nantucket Music Center:
Fridays, 8:15am-9:15am