Recording Studio

The NCMC Recording Studio at 56 Centre St

The Recording Facility at 56 Centre Street is available to the community. Classes and workshops are advertised and held periodically in the recording studio. Arrangements to record can be made by contacting the office. NMC provides a recording engineer for projects at a mutually arranged time. NMC’s Recording Studio is available for educational purposes, demos and professional recording projects.


The facility is well equipped with a sound-proof recording room and separate control room. The equipment in the control room includes an Apple Mac Pro running ProTools 10/11. The analog Toft Audio control console interfaces with the Mac. There are 4 powered monitors: 2 Tannoys and 2 JBLs. There are 6 Shure microphones: 3 KSM44 condensers, 1 KSM13 ribbon, 2 SM81s. There is also a Shure drum mic kit DMK – 57 – 52. There are 24 mic stands, headphone mix station with 8 closed back headphones.