Children Outreach Programs

Music Instruction at the Boys and Girls Club

The Nantucket Music Center, with a grant supported by MUSACK, provides music instruction on guitar and drums at the Boys and Girls Club of Nantucket.  This casual and free to the child music instruction opens an opportunity for children to experience the first stages of becoming familiar with an instrument.  Aidan Sherry and Nick Hayden offer this program two days a week.

Annual Orchestral Concert Trip

Our NMC Community Programs Director, Carolyn Butler, offers an annual trip to an orchestral concert to island children. It is open to all school age children. In the past, students have attended a Boston Symphony concert and a Cape Cod Symphony.  This is a significant experience for our young students studying string instruments.

NMC faculty, students and guest artists perform at Our Island Home and Sherburne Commons on a regular basis.

NMC welcomes suggestions and support for outreach programming.  Please email us!